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Breaking a Good Sweat: How a Convenient, Challenging Workout Supports the Arthritis Foundation® and Millions in May

Putting in a solid sweat session is always good for your own health, and this month working toward your personal fitness goals can help improve the health and wellbeing of more than 50 million other people. May is known globally as Arthritis Month, and every year many concerned companies partner with the Arthritis Foundation® to raise funding for medical research and increase awareness of this cripplingly painful autoimmune disease. This year, Stamina Products, Inc. ® has joined the fight, committing a portion of its proceeds for eligible cycles and ellipticals purchased during May.

Founded in 1987, the innovative exercise equipment manufacturer currently supplies mass merchants, sporting goods dealers, and Internet retailers with affordable, high-quality products. To make the benefits of regular exercise available to all people, Stamina Products developed an equipment line that has since earned the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation—awarded to products that make life easier for people with arthritis and other physical limitations.

Always striving to make a good thing better, Stamina Products will contribute $25 to the Arthritis Foundation for every Ease-of-Use magnetic elliptical sold and an additional $1 for every Ease-of-Use cycle sold throughout the month of May.

What Does It Matter?

Aside from the fact that you’re a good person and you’ve been meaning to step up the cardio before shedding those roomy winter clothes for your oh-so-tight swimsuit, getting behind Millions in May will undoubtedly benefit someone you love. Arthritis afflicts more than 52 million people in the US, 300,000 of which are children. The disease, which often causes chronic pain and disability, wreaks havoc on the day-to-day activities of people more often than diabetes, heart disease, or even cancer. With so many people suffering from arthritis, it’s extremely likely that someone near and dear to you lives with the physical and emotional pain the disease causes.

The painful reality is that arthritis is the nation’s #1 cause of disability. The debilitating impact is as widespread as it is severe. But thanks in large part to the Arthritis Foundation’s fundraising for research efforts, continually advancing treatment options make the disease more bearable and life more… well, livable. Now that you know the basic facts, you’re wondering exactly how to join the battle.

Which Stamina Products Will Help You Fight the Good Fight?

Simply by choosing one of these products for your low-impact workout routine, you can exercise more easily, improve your body and mind, and contribute to the Millions in May movement:

  • Avari® Programmable Magnetic Elliptical—offers a low-impact workout for both upper and lower body
  • inStride® Total Body Cycle with Weighted Pedals—provides either a lower-body or upper-body workout with easy-to-use, low-impact positioning for feet or hands
  • inStride® Folding Cycle—allows the freedom of a low-impact workout on the go, for either lower or upper body

Can Millions in May Really Make an Impact?

This answer is short and simple: YES! The month-long campaign can raise over $1 million dollars to directly benefit the Arthritis Foundation and its mission.

Contributions made as part of the Millions in May campaign, or at any other time of year, are critical to funding life-changing medical research that leads to improved treatments and can ultimately result in a cure for arthritis. Donations from Stamina Products and other dedicated companies this May will also support programs that aid arthritis patients and their families as they learn to cope with the disability and the daily struggles it brings. Additionally, this funding will help ensure that more people have access to the groundbreaking drugs and therapies that can ease their suffering.

Are You Ready to Work?

The power of Millions in May, coupled with the Stamina Products pledge to donate to the Arthritis Foundation, makes right about now the perfect time to break a sweat for good health.


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